We continue to support families in Mykolaiv region where homes were damaged by shelling.

Together with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, we have started such activities in Mykolaiv region.

A team of engineers from our Foundation inspected 49 houses, including the house of Ms. Olena Shevchenko. At the time of the shelling, she went to the store and returned to her destroyed house.

"The shelling damaged the roof, windows and outbuildings," the woman says. Her children live with her and have recently returned home, having been evacuated to a safer place by their parents since the beginning of the war.

"The children said they would never leave their parents again," she continues through tears. "And now, finally, when the whole family is together, they dream of repairing the house.

We are grateful to the Humanitarian Foundation for Ukraine for the opportunity to make dreams come true together.